Eireen: a unified platform for a brighter, safer and smarter city!

How it works: «plug-n-play» solution


Video presentation

How it will look like

An ordinary street lampEireen Smart Lamp
An ordinary street lamp
An ordinary street lampEireen Smart Lamp
An ordinary street lampEireen Smart Lamp

What information can we provide?


Condition of air quality


Noise level


Presence of traffic jams


Traffic flow control and analysis


Control of parking spaces


Criminal level


Reduction of energy costs

  1. We are constantly updating LED for more efficient and cheaper, saving on this.
  2. The light accompanies the moving object and is dimmed out of range, working where necessary.

The collection of Big Data

The open architecture allows developers to create their own modules for collecting data about the city

Unification of lamps

Instead of different connectors, there is one single

Creation of new jobs

Developers and programmers in France can create new electronic modules and create programs for their use

Cost reduction due to automatic maintenance by drones

Instead of three workers, only one is needed to replace a faulty lamp

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The collection of Big Data-min
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Who we are

Alexei Leshev_new_200px-min

Aleksei Leshchev

Serial entrepreneur and inventor, Higher technical education, Holds number of patents as an author and co-author


Georgii Parygin


Faculty of economy – Moscow Aviation Institute
Specialist: in applied computer science in economy
Ex-CEO of robotics startup

Elkin Viktor

Viktor Elkin

Business Development

MBA from HULT (Boston, MA). Strategic leader driving growth, adaptability, and innovation


Oleg Novikov


MA in Risk Management, Paris-Dauphine University (Part of PSL, EPSCP, Grandes Ecoles) More than seven years in Marketing, including international experience in US, EU, and strategic consulting


Pavel Raskin

Hardware Engineer
Candidate of Technical Sciences:
Automation and control of technological processes and production


Ibrahim Ibrahim

Software Engineer
Candidate of Technical Sciences in Automation and Control – Damascus University Specialist: design and develop embedded software for onboard processors and FPGA boards for robotic applications and automated control systems


Aleksei Lyubimov

Software Engineer
Higher technical education (Russia)
Specialization: Systems analysis, project management, software development for management and control systems